Video Poker By Software

If you have played in a real or online casino, you may have discovered that video poker is one of the favourite games. This is especially true in online casinos. The game has a strong resemblance to a slot machine. There are many players who are daily joining the massive group of existing online video poker players. A progressive video poker game is just about the same as an actual poker game, but there is that wonderful chance of getting the jackpot amount. Progressive video poker is not often talked about. You will surely be familiar with progressive slots, but when it comes to video poker, the progressive games are not as common. It is basically the same concept, the more you play, the higher the jackpot grows. Most progressive video poker jackpots are won when you get a royal flush. There are many of these games available, but two of the most common are from Microgaming and Playtech.

The Supajax Progressive Video Poker game from Microgaming is an exciting game that offers more than just the jackpot opportunity. The game is played like Jacks or Better, with the goal of obtaining the best hand possible. This game also starts with a 52 card deck, but it has one extra card, the Supajax. This is the key to determining what the jackpot will be. If you have four Jacks in your hand and the SupaJax, you will win the progressive jackpot. This game does require a minimum wager of $1.00 and you can bet up to $5.00. In order to win the jackpot, you must be betting the maximum amount. This version of video poker is offered at great online casinos like Captain Cooks Casino.

Another game from Microgaming is Jackpot Deuces. This also has a progressive jackpot, but you may be drawn to this game because it is very entertaining. There are wild cards, which are the four deuces in the deck. This is not a multi-hand game and you can place a maximum bet of five coins. Similar to Supajax, this game will require you to be playing the maximum amount to get the jackpot prize. To win this prize, you will need a Diamond Royal Flush.

Mega Jacks is the most popular video poker game from Playtech. This game is also very much like Jacks or Better with the addition of the progressive jackpot. In order to win this, you must get a Royal Flush with a maximum bet. While the goal is to win the progressive, you will take some money home just by playing. This game has great payouts and can be accessed by registered players at Europa Casino.

Online video poker games that feature a progressive jackpot are very popular, but players should realize that the hands can be costly since most will require a maximum bet in order to win the progressive. Even with a high bet, most players will see that the games offer frequent payouts, so the high wager is a chance many will take to have the opportunity of taking home the progressive amount.

By choosing games that are powered by reliable software providers, players will find they have many choices when it comes time to choose a game variation. Microgaming and Playtech are by far the most popular providers and these two software companies have created many great variations of this casino favourite. With many ways to win and many types of games available, video poker remains a popular choice in top online casinos and continues to offer players great payouts and endless casino excitement.

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